Call Of Duty Warzone Release Date – Everything You Need To Know

Activision finally announced Call of Duty Warzone’s Battle Royale mode, a new free-to-play Modern Warfare spinoff!

Fans of the Call of Duty Franchise are counting down to the release day of the Warzone Battle Royale game mode.

After a few whole weeks full of rumors, speculation, and leaks, the developers finally revealed details about the successor of Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode!

Release Date

The new game mode received a March 10 release date, and it will be available when the countdown timer reaches zero on the Classified screen.

That means that at 3 pm UK time, MW players can download and play Warzone as part of a short early-access time interval.

However, if you do not own Modern Warfare, you can still download Warzone in the form of a standalone release starting from 7 pm UK time.

The best thing about Warzone is that it is entirely free-to-play for everybody, even for players who do not own Modern Warfare.

Size Of The Game

Activision made public the real file size of Warzone Battle Royale, and that might not sound very good for some gamers.

If you already own Modern Warfare, then you only need to download an additional 18-22GB of data.

However, if you don’t own Modern Warfare but still want to play Warzone, you will have to download between 83 and 101 GB of data. Bad luck for owners of small SSD!


The action of Warzone happens in the city of Verdansk, and a lobby can hold up to 150 players at launch.

Activision said that the city of Verdansk holds over 300 points of interest, as well as a roster of landscapes.

As they’ve pointed out, the map features a downtown area with tall buildings, alongside a rural countryside with interiors full of precious loot!

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