iPad Pro 2020 Will Get a Better Camera Before iPhone

If we want to know the future of the iPad, we only need to take a look at today’s iPhones. Since Apple released the iPad in 2010, the tablet kept coming to us with features that were previously released for the iPhone a year or two earlier.

Now, things have changed. There’s a new report that says that Apple’s iPad Pro from 2020 will come with time-of-flight camera sensors. This means that it will be able to see how far away an object is in the room. If this is quite familiar to you, it’s because Ming-Chi Kuo has previously stated that the iPhone from 2020 will get the very same feature.

The report says that Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro will be released in March. If this is actually true, and the time-of-flight sensor rumors are also true, the iPad Pro will come with this feature six months before the iPhone will. It’s quite unusual, but Apple is well-known for not establishing trends.

What are the benefits of the time-of-flight sensor?

This feature would enable the future iOS devices to take better photos and to enhance 3D mapping. And we cannot forget of the improvements of the Augmented Reality functionality.

As it usually happens with most of the rumors, we cannot do anything but wait for something official, because they might not be accurate.

It’s still not sure what Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro will bring us, we will probably get an iPad sooner than that. There was a report from earlier this month, in which people suggested that Apple wants to release a 10.2-inch iPad this September. However, nothing is official yet, and it is assumed that the new iPad, with the 10.2-inch display, will come as a replacement for the 9.7-inch model.

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