The Elder Scrolls Online sets its goal to reach Google Stadia release in 2020

For all the fans out there, this news will be like their dreams come true. The developers prepare something different this time, assuring players that they will still get the same, best experience.

Gamescom hosted one of the best events this year, many announcements were made, and many content people were left in awe. The Elder Scrolls Online was proudly presented at this year event. The developers confirmed an upcoming port for the beloved game.

Matt Firor, the Game Director, gave further details about the new release. He said that his team set their goal to release The Elder Scrolls Online next year, with a high possibility of meeting the game, in the first half of the year. Firor stated as well that there would undoubtedly be a cross-play feature, something between PC and Stadia. The only unknown fact is if there is going to be implemented or if the game it will remain determined.

Firor also explained that at the moment, The Elder Scrolls Online benefits from a great running across all Stadia-reinforced devices and, probably the best thing, it even runs amazingly on smartphones. It was chosen for it to use a controller UI, one that allows the game to work flawlessly on phones. We are also advised that it is better to use a laptop or Chromebook.

Having its structure with many server-based systems, The Elder Scrolls Online, represented a challenge for developers. The game didn’t run as it was supposed to do in the beginning. However, making it run on Stadia was an easy job, even if the network at start, it didn’t help them.

A Nintendo Switch won’t be available, as developers stated. The Elder Scrolls Online will be available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac.

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