Apple Watch Series 5 Ready For Fall Release

The better and new Apple Watch Series 5 it will be soon available, with significant features. We are going to begin our Series 5 experience soon this fall, and we can’t wait for the OLED display that Apple promised! More about its release, improvements and other cool facts we will discuss up next.

Right now, there is probably one company that can satisfy our tech tastes, surprise us with some of the most advanced features and more. Yes, the developers from Apple can do all of that and even a little extra. This time we have as the biggest star, the newest Apple Watch with a bran-new Series 5. Why so special this time around? Well, there is much news that we couldn’t ignore it anymore.

The TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made some pretty significant statements and one of them it’s well, something that makes our impatience grows. Kuo unveiled the extraordinary feature that the Apple Watch Series 5 will get. An incredible OLED display!

Apple Watch Series 5 Ready For Fall Release

This feature will come from a new supplier, Japan Displays, beginning with 15 to 20 % of total Apple Watch orders in 2019 and then changing to 70 and 80 % by 2021. Kuo also stated that Apple would quickly grow its OLED LG display orders for another favorite, the iPhone. All of this will genuinely represent a great diversity for the company.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is prone to be launched in September. The event, however, will create a huge buzz, because the new iPhone is set to be revealed, too.

Looking back, we could understand how outstanding the Apple Watch Series 4 was. It set some pretty huge records, changing Apple’s smartwatch line, significantly. That series came with some lower bezels and other innovative options, such as ECG heart monitoring.

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