iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Might Be The Only Real Apple Flagships In 2019

You might have observed the inconsistency in Apple’s way of naming their devices and the way they are releasing them. They began by releasing the iPhone 8 and X together skipping on the iPhone 9 and then proceeded on releasing the more recent XS and the XR, the R that nobody knows what it represents or what is depicting. Some rumors say that the new iPhones will carry the names of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, these rumors also being backed up by case maker ESR.

Fancy Names for iPhone 11 Models

We are not entirely sure why Apple renounced the Roman numeration and switched to the Arabic, yet we also see a change from Max to Plus that is given only to the high-end iPhones. The change in the names is an improvement nonetheless, “Pro” being more consistent with the other devices in Apple’s lineup. Also, a simple iPhone 11 would make a lot more sense to be the standard version, compare to the XR that conveyed nothing with its name.

Apple Pencil

Another rumor speaks of the introduction of Apple Pencil being supported by the Pro handsets, which allow high-performance stylus input for image editing or drawing on your smartphone. They won’t be integrated into the phone’s chassis like the Note lineup from Samsung, but they might make a smaller Pencil just for these new iPhone models.

The new Apple smartphones won’t stray further from home because the screen sizes will be precisely the same as the previous generation, iPhone 11 featuring a 6.1-inches screen, 5.8-inches for the iPhone 11 Pro, and 6.5-inches for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The design will also be the same except for the implementation of the squircular camera module, with three lenses on the Pros, and two for the lower-end model.

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