Private Internet Access VPN 3.0.0 Beta Comes With Enhanced DNS Settings And Improvements

The internet offers a variety of useful information and features. Many use it to access a variety of entertainment platforms, chat with friends and family, discover fascinating data, and much more. However, there are also some risks while using the internet. A VPN service might keep you safe while browsing the Internet. Private Internet Access VPN is a reliable solution. Now, Private Internet Access VPN 3.0.0 Beta rolled out with improvements.

Many of the scams used in the past are no longer useful, but hackers have developed new methods which allow them to access target devices and obtain sensitive data which can be used for nefarious purposes. To avoid any potential problems, internet users should opt for a reliable VPN solution which works great on mobile devices. Private Internet Access offers an excellent option in the form of the VPN app. Read below to learn more about the app and all of its features.

Private Internet Access VPN Features

  • Become a ghost – Your original IP will be replaced with one provided by Private Internet Action, hiding your identity and location. By hiding your IP, third-party entities will be no longer able to track your actions and your activity.
  • Improved Wi-Fi security – In recent times, the number of tools which allow people to crack Wi-Fi networks protected with WPA and WPA2 is considerably larger. If the Wi-Fi access prompt is not encrypted, you become susceptible to a variety of issues as attackers can see your data, intercept valuable information block undesired elements.
  • Encrypt your data – The app uses a sophisticated encryption system which secures your data against any potential threats.
  • Unlock your favorite sites – In some cases, access to specific websites is blocked for a variety of regions. VPN will allow you to access your favorite sites even if you are in a country where they are banned or censored.
  • Customize settings on a per-app basis – There are apps which don’t work well when a VPN is active. You can add them to a particular list, and they will work without issues while your connection remains secure.

Private Internet Access VPN 3.0.0 Brings Some Improvements

Private Internet Access VPN 3.0.0 Beta comes with new performance improvements and enhanced DNS settings. Also, some bug fixes are present.

You can already grab the new Private Internet Access VPN 3.0.0 Beta as an APK file and test its new features and improvements.

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