WoW Classic Servers Go Live on August 13, Allowing Players to Create Their Characters and Select a Realm

The full launch of World of Warcraft Classic may be on August 27, but for the players with an active subscription or those that really want to secure their name for characters, the servers for WoW Classic will open to allow them to reserve a character name and select the realm they want to play on.

You’ve probably didn’t miss the aspect, but WoW Classic is the Vanilla every WoW die-hard fan has been dreaming about for years! It’s the game we all want to play, and struggle with all the pre-Burning Crusade hardships. Now back to the August 13 character creation, here’s what Blizzard announced on their official forum:

“Players with an active subscription or game time on their World of Warcraft account can reserve their character names by creating up to three Classic characters. Please note that all of your characters on a PvP realm must be the same faction.”

Queue Times on August 27 Will Be Insane, Especially in Europe’s English PVP Realms

There are 13 realms for the Americas and Oceania, and 12 for Europe. However, there are only 6 English realms in Europe, as French, German and Russian each get 2 realms.

Unfortunately, European players are not that happy about the small number of English realms, considering only 2 are for PVP, and many German, French and Russian players also consider joining the English realms.

We hope queue times won’t be that bad when WoW Classic launches, but who are we kidding? The hype is real, and the queues will certainly reflect that.

Time to Make That Name List for Your Characters

Until then, have you already decided what class and race you will be playing? And if you’re really looking for a special name, our tip is to make a list with various versions if you’d rather wait until August 27 and you don’t have game time or an active subscription. I’ve already found around 10 names for an Undead Mage and 14 for an Orc Warlock!

As for handy guides, you should definitely bookmark and search all there is about classes, races, professions, leveling and so on. If you’d rather want to see some videos, check out Punkrat’s content on YouTube, which should help you prepare to start WoW Classic (all over again)!

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