New Minecraft Mod brings Minecraft Earth Mobs to PC

Minecraft Earth is an augmented-reality smartphone game, currently in closed beta stage, and it will feature various exclusive mods, like a cow that generates dandelions wherever it walks and a chicken that lays mushrooms.

If those two peculiar mobs already sound interesting, gamers should know that thanks to YouTuber Logdotzip these new mobs can be ported to the PC version of the game by simply downloading and installing a data pack.


Perhaps one of the most interesting of the four new mobs is the moobloom, a bright yellow cow that leaves a trail of flowers behind it after walking. Logdotzip’s data pack allows players to create a moobloom by feeding dandelions to a regular cow, which looks absolutely fantastic.

Shearing or killing the moobloom rewards players with a yellow petal, and by sticking eight petals on a crafting table, players can create a dandelion necklace that gives players the ability to spawn flowers with every step, just like the moobloom.

Milking the moobloom returns dandelion soup, which makes the player sleepy (turning the world very dark) but also banishes nearby phantoms that are attracted to players who haven’t slept for more than three in-game days.


The cluckshroom is a red chicken with mushrooms on its back. It is created by feeding a red mushroom to a chicken. Killing a cluckshroom grants players a red feather that can provoke a random status effect when thrown near a mob, alongside a mystery mushroom which can provoke the player a random effect, similar to the suspicious stew of the base game.

Muddy pig

Muddy pigs are created when a pig falls into mud. Killing it returns mud back, but killing it with a flame sword or flint and tinder will return bricks that can be used for building.

Mob of me

Mob of me is a mob that spawns when a player dies in Minecraft Earth, initially just a faceless human mob. The new mod allows players to replace its head with other models, almost like an alive armor stand.

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