Dr. Mario World 1.0.5 Update is Now Available with Improved Bug Fixes

Dr. Mario World was launched earlier this year and the mobile game’s popularity has skyrocketed a couple of months ago. Dr. Mario World is now being played by millions of smartphone users from all over the world and therefore, it should come as no surprise to find out that the developers are constantly releasing new updates that are taking the performances and gameplay experience of Dr. Mario World to the next level. In fact, a new update has arrived earlier this morning.

Dr. Mario World 1.0.5 Update

We have some great news to share with Dr. Mario World fans today! The developers who are in charge of the mobile game have decided to roll out a new update which changes Dr. Mario World’s version number to 1.0.5. The update is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels and therefore, we are advising all Dr. Mario World fans to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network so that they can get their hands on the new update ASAP (as soon as possible).

Bug Fixes

The new update for Dr. Mario World doesn’t come with any new or exciting features and while this might be disappointing news for some Dr. Mario World fans, we are glad to announce that the update makes up for the lack of features by introducing a handful of bug fixes.

Even though bug fixes might not be as exciting as new features, they are certainly equally if not more important than them. The reason why we are saying that is because bug fixes are taking care of various issues which sometimes caused Dr. Mario World to start randomly lagging. Fortunately, this is not going to be a problem anymore. In addition, the bug fixes which are being introduced by the new are update also improving the overall gameplay experience.

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