Apple Estimates To Sell Over 74 Million iPhone 11 Units By The End Of 2019

Bloomberg has announced that their sources mention Apple will release a trio of iPhone 11 models this year, as expected, and in case it will be necessary, Apple’s Asian supply chain partners are getting ready to provide about 74 million new iPhone 11 smartphones. They are all getting their supplies ready for the big announcement and launch of the upcoming iPhone gang.

In comparison to last year, Foxconn has increased the salaries by 10% in the effort to bring more employees to their workplaces in Shenzhen, China.

Apple expects to sell 74 million iPhone 11 smartphones by the end of 2019

In addition to that, the production during the holiday season gets busy so they need to secure the staff, according to another insider whose name we can’t mention. Jeff Pu, an analyst at GF Securities, offered us an estimation of 74 million iPhone 11 models to be sold by Apple by the end of this year.

According to John Butler and Boyoung Kim, Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, the only thing that can give Apple’s revenue a boost is the sales from iPhone upgrades as the Cupertino company’s growth has slowed compared to other tech giants in the smartphone industry and it has become more cyclical as well. Growth can happen as Apple has no reason to raise the prices of their iPhones. It is still an issue that China and the U.S. are still in a competition because of that.

What do we know about the iPhone 11 models?

On the back of the 2019 iPhones, we will see three cameras, compared to the iPhone XS Max and iPhone Xs that only had two. The addition consists of a wide-angle lens making its appearance for the first time on an iPhone. A13 processors will power all the iPhone 11 models, and the design remains similar to last year’s.

The trio of iPhone 11 smartphones is said to be unveiled by Apple during a special event in September.

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