Minecraft Develops Real-Life Skills In Players, A New Study Showed

Some people see video games as an addiction that provides access to a violent world. However, they also have their benefits, according to a study from a UC Davis researcher and a Swiss colleague that explain them. The research focused on Minecraft, one of the most popular games ever, and how this game can help children develop real-life skills.

Minecraft players were studied by the Swiss scholar Robert W. Sumner and UC Davis researcher Seth Frey. Minecraft is a world in which the players break three-dimensional blocks to build artwork, structures, and other creations. Minecraft is loved by almost 65 million players around the world.

During a press release, Karen Nikos-Rose, a UC Davis spokeswoman said that this is “one of a few games with a decentralized, amateur-driven hosting model and a large user base.” Sumner and Frey decided to scan the internet once in two hours by observing and visiting 150,000 Minecraft communities.

Minecraft Helps Players Develop Real-Life Skills

The researchers wanted to analyze how Minecraft teaches community-building and leadership skills to its players. According to Nikos-Rose said, 1,800 communities out of the whole number were able to create their own internet communities that they could govern.

There are only a few communities that succeeded in demonstrating their advanced leadership skills, only 1 in 20. The spokesperson said that they implemented regulations using bits of software so people would respect the private property rights, social hierarchy, and many others.

During the release, Frey said that players had learned their own way around assembling “highly variable and individualistic forms of government.” What surprised the researchers was the viability of the diverse systems that the players would introduce in the larger communities in Minecraft. With that being said, video games like Minecraft can teach players real-life skills if they pay attention to the details.

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