Waze Update Shows You If You Need To Pay Tolls Along Your Route

Waze is an amazing navigation app that is used by the majority of drivers around the world. Thanks to this app, you get to your destination way more relaxed, and you get alarmed when something is happening on the road. As of today, Canadian and American drivers can see if they need to pay any toll along their route and how much it is.

How Particular Is Waze?

There is no other navigation app that offers you this service. You might get announced that you are approaching a toll or that one exists on the road, but none of them tells the price. Most of these prices come from information provided by the community of user drivers so they might not be totally accurate, but it is better to know something indicative than nothing at all.

Before beginning your journey, Waze will show you what tolls you will come across during the route you have chosen and their prices. This way, you can select another path right from the beginning instead of struggling to find a different one right on the road reducing your chances to actually avoid the toll.

Waze Update Shows You If You Need To Pay Tolls Along Your Route

This incredible function rolled out recently, and it is only available in Canada and the United States of America, but there are little chances that this will not come to other countries as well. Now all Americans and Canadian can better calculate the money spent on the road as they can also see the prices of the tolls.

Most drivers around the world are using Waze in order to reach their preferred destinations. In some countries, for example, the app even announces the drivers of big hollows, so they do not bust their cars getting past them.

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