iPhone Error 3194: Causes And How To Fix It

iPhone Error 3194

If you’re seeing error 3194 on your iPhone, it doesn’t mean the device is ruined. Normally, when you upgrade your iPhone to a new version of the iOS system, or restore it from a backup, you might encounter the error in your device or in iTunes. 

While upgrading or restoring from a backup seems like a smooth process, the error itself may hinder your phone from upgrading or being restored. Fixing the error is also not as obvious as just doing a restart, but we’re going to show you how to do it. 

Causes of Error 3194

According to Apple, this error occurs when iTunes cannot connect to the software update servers that active iOS during an upgrade or when restoring the phone. 

These servers are critical so the lack of connection with them means the iPhone can’t be restored or upgraded either. It usually happens where there’s an issue with the iOS system say if the version is expired, isn’t supported or is outdated, or if the iPhone was jailbroken.

How to fix iPhone Error 3194

Update iTunes

Updating iTunes to the latest version is the first step in fixing error 3194 on your iPhone. It may not solve the problem as such as this isn’t the likely cause, but it’s worth a try if the older version is blocking the much-needed connection.

Change Hosts files

When Apple servers can’t be contacted, you’ll encounter error 3194. The hosts file on the computer relates to how it connects to the internet so if the file is misconfigured, it causes issues. To edit it:

  • Exit iTunes and open the hosts file. If you’re using Windows, go to system32\drivers\etc and double click the hosts file. In Mac, type sudo nano /private/etc/hosts and select Return.
  • Enter your password if asked to
  • Find host file: gs.apple.com (if this isn’t available, the hosts file isn’t the issue)
  • Add # and a space at the beginning of gs.apple.com
  • Save the file and close the terminal program
  • Reboot your computer and try to update or restore the iPhone again

Check Security software and network connection

iPhone error 3194 is a network problem so you need to check if something in its configuration or the network itself is causing it. To do this:

  • Confirm the internet is working
  • Uninstall or disable your firewall or antivirus temporarily as these tend to block connections
  • Restart your modem or computer

Try a different computer

You can try to update or restore your iPhone using a different computer than the one you’re using now. It helps rule out if the current one is the source of iPhone error 3194 or not.

Contact Apple support/expert

If none of these fixes work to resolve iPhone error 3194, check with Apple Support or a certified Apple expert for further troubleshooting or assistance. 

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