SHAREit 5.0.8_ww Is Now Available With Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

We may live in the age of streaming, but people continue to love file sharing. And one of the best apps to share files is SHAREit. Now, SHAREit 5.0.8_ww launched with a series of improvements that would make the app even more stable and faster.

Since the first forms of digital media started to become famous, people began to search for solutions which allowed them to share the content with friends and family. When the first cassettes hit the market, the bootleg industry appeared almost instantly, offering the same product for a considerably lower price.

In the past owners of advanced mobile phones relied on infrared or Bluetooth for file sharing from one device to another. While these solutions were functional, they were also quite slow, and in most cases, users had to wait several minutes until a song was transferred. Modern smartphones, on the other hand, come with a variety of useful features, and one of them, is the ability to use a large selection of useful apps for file sharing. SHAREit is an excellent file transfer app which allows sending data from one device to another at blazing speeds.

SHAREit Features

  • Faster than light – With a maximum speed of 20MB per second, SHAREit delivers an impressive experience since it is up to 200 times faster in comparison to Bluetooth.
  • Share everything – The app is compatible with a large selection of files, including photos of all sizes and formats, short and long videos, apps and app data, documents, and much more.
  • Video Library – Gain access to an impressive library of video content. Choose your desired resolution, download content to watch it online, and enjoy new videos each day.
  • Hottest Hits – Browse millions of high-quality songs and thousands of custom playlists. Stream your favorite hits while on the go or download that awesome playlist on your device.
  • Built-in players – Enjoy the integrated video and music player which offer a high number of features and are compatible with the most popular formats.
  • Personalize your device – Download a large selection of stickers, GIFs, and wallpapers for free.

SHAREit 5.0.8_ww is out with bug fixes and improvements

The devs behind SHAREit are always updating the app with new features and enhancements. The new SHAREit 5.0.8_ww update, however, is not coming with any new functions, all the changes being under the hood.

Accordingly, SHAREit 5.0.8_ww brings in a selection of performance improvements which make the user experience even better, plus sever bug fixes.

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