Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy Note 9 – Differences in Design

We all have seen the most prominent Galaxy Note 10 leak there ever was. Ever since the year started, we have heard how Samsung would launch more than one Note device. Some resources have said that the Note 10 lineup will actually be quite similar to the S10 lineup. Some people think that two Note devices will hit the market this year – Note 10 and Note 10 Pro/Plus. We have more details with regards to this topic.

Every leak that is presently on the internet talk a lot about the camera design. Samsung, just like Apple, is rumored to add a new camera sensor on this lineup. Many reports have said that the company will only come for this line with a Super-Wide angle lens, which will bring their camera lens number to three.

Others have said that a special 5G Note 10 will come with the Super-Wide-Angle and a ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera sensors. This will bring the number up to 4.

Galaxy Note 10 Vs. Galaxy Note 9 – Differences in Design

Taking into account these details, we can compare the line with the soon-to-hit-the-market Note 10 Plus and the Galaxy Note Note 9. The leaks of the Note 10 Plus only show the design of the device. There is no information about specs.

If we are to take a look at the front of the device, we can clearly see that the Note 10 Plus will make a smaller bezel height in comparison with its predecessor. There is also a cutout for the front camera. The display is expected to work as a speaker diaphragm, too, as per some reports.

On the back of the gadget, we can see some differences, too. Note 9 has its two camera sensors put horizontally, and the fingerprint sensor is put underneath the arrangement. Note 10 Plus has its sensors put vertically at the top, on the left. The second design is more elegant, truth be told, but the photographs will have low quality.

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