PlayStation 5 – No More Loading Screens, According To A Patent Filed By Sony

These guys from Sony are killing it! Are they working at a new patent for PlayStation 5? It seems like they have an unlimited source of inspiration, as they already made some awesome new things for PlayStation. The latest concept would eliminate loading screens from PlayStation 5, and that besides the astonishing loading times of the next-gen console, which are by 19 times faster than those on PS4.

And now, we know that Sony Interactive Entertainment had some business at the United States Patent and Trademark Office – that’s a long name – as it filed a new patent. The patent shows us that Sony wants to eliminate loading screens in PlayStation 5. Okay, we know that, but the rest is for us to guess – will this patent be available on PlayStation 5 at launch? If it’s not ready at the right time, will it be implemented in a possible PlayStation 5 Pro model or, maybe, in the future PlayStation 6?

Sony To Eliminate PlayStation 5 Loading Times, According To A New Patent

The technology used by Sony will split environments into small distinct segments loading independently, so the loading will be more effortless for the system. Quite complicated, right? Let’s put it this way – when this reportedly PlayStation 5 patent applies, there will be no more loading screens or pauses. As simple as that!

Besides eliminating the loading times, it seems that Sony wants to make more improvements in this area in PlayStation 5. They can’t settle down, do they? Some games from this generation already got these improvements one way or another, but there is still a lot of work to be done, as the developers need to find the perfect way to apply them. In a serious note, this patent seems very important to Sony, as the company invested a lot of time in it. And we are thrilled to hear that because we might have more time for playing and less time for waiting with loading screens on PlayStation 5.

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