Best Gmail Features That Will Help You Organize Better

Google is always finding ways to enhance and redesign its top-rated email service, Gmail. The web version of the client has received a new design besides numerous other features that affect the way you handle your inbox and messages you are sending.

Keeping an eye on all the revamps Google has made to Gmail can be quite tricky, especially since the giant releases its updates gradually. Here are a few features you might have totally overlooked, but which are quite useful and essential for you to organize better.

Best Gmail Features That Will Help You Organize Better

Inline Action Buttons

The inline action buttons appear on a message in your inbox to offer you rapid access to actions you use often. The buttons allow you to archive a message, to delete it, mark it read or unread, or snooze it.

Expanded Right-Click Menu

Google started adding alternatives since February when you right click on a message. Besides the archive, delete, read or unread and snooze options, the menu now provides users with quick access to the reply, reply all and forward options for a message. You can also search for more messages from a particular sender, sort it to labels, or move it to a separate inbox.

Snooze Messages

Whenever a message appears on your desktop that requires a thoughtful reply, or you are just too busy to answer to it, you can now snooze it with the new feature. Select the snooze option, and the message will reappear at a later time.

Schedule Emails

The new Write Now Send Later option is coming to Gmail users as we write this. The feature allows you to write an email, but choose to schedule it to be sent at a later point in time. Select the options menu and choose ‘Schedule Send’ to perform this action.

Clickable Attachments

Besides the new action buttons, there is also another option: attachments show up inline as well, so you can open them with no need to open a message first.

Confidential Mode

Gmail now gives you the option to send emails that expire at a point of your choosing. These messages sent in the Confidential mode don’t allow the recipient to copy, download, or forward the message. To use this option, click on ‘Compose’ and then select the icon similar to a clock overlay over a lock.

Two-Factor Authentication

To enable this feature, go to Google’s 2-Step Verification website, click on ‘Get Started’ and follow the instructions. You are given the possibility to choose a backup option for two-factor authentication.

Other more features will come, as Google is always prone to improve and upgrade its Gmail email service. Until then, enjoy the ones already implemented or on the way, soon-to-be in your device as well.

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