How To Fix Predictive Text And Keyboard On Android

Predictive Text

If your Android device has a Samsung keyboard, you’ve probably noticed some issues with the predictive text and keyboard on the OS, like not recalling words that aren’t in the dictionary yet you use them regularly.

Unlike other operating systems, Android has great features that differentiate it with users being able to access a variety of free apps from the Android Market. These include keyboard apps that it supports like Google, Swift, and even Samsung keyboard.

All these have their issues, and sometimes, the text prediction feature serves up different words from what you want to type, but this problem can be fixed.

Fix Predictive Text and keyboard on Android

Delete data from keyboard

Here, you’ll delete data from the keyboard and save all data and settings again. To do this:

  • Open Settings>App manager
  • Select All
  • Tap Samsung keyboard and tap Clear Data
  • Restart the phone

Resave the settings and data by doing the following:

  • Open Settings and tap More
  • Select language and Input
  • Go to Samsung Keyboard
  • Set language as English US, Predictive Text and tap ON
  • Tap Auto replacement to toggle it off and tap Auto capitalization to toggle it On
  • Now tap Auto spacing to toggle it on, and then tap Auto punctuate to toggle it On
  • Tap Also make the sound to toggle it off and tap Vibrate to turn it off and turn on Character preview on

The keyboard will begin to work as it should. Go to the next solution to fix predictive text.

Turn on Predictive text

You may have turned off the text prediction feature on the Android device’s keyboard, so take the steps below to enable it:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap My Device and go to Language & Input
  • Select Samsung keyboard settings
  • Turn off predictive text and restart the device
  • When it comes back on, go to Samsung keyboard settings
  • Turn on predictive text and check if the problem goes away.

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