Firefox Reality Browser 1.2.3 Update Improves Image Quality in VR Mode

As everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone knows by now, Google pre-installs its Chrome browser on all its devices. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Chrome offers the fastest web browsing performances and that Android fans are required to stick with it. There are multiple alternatives to Chrome which more than often deliver a better user experience and Firefox Reality Browser is one of them.

The great thing about Firefox Reality Browser is the fact that it doesn’t only focus on making it easier for users to surf the web and instead, Firefox Reality Browser has been designed to provide users with a platform that they can use with their VR (virtual reality) headsets.

VR Technology

Like it or not, VR technology is taking over the world and there is no doubt about that. This is why the developers of the famous Firefox Browser have decided to create the special Firefox Reality Browser. As previously noted, Firefox Reality Browser can be used in order to access the best and freshest content from the web while using a VR headset.

To make things even better, Firefox Reality Browser offers an open, accessible and secure way for everyone to explore the web in VR mode and as if this wasn’t impressive enough, Firefox Reality Browser benefits from full-fledged developers support.

Firefox Reality Browser 1.2.3 Update

Firefox Reality Browser fans should be happy to find out that their favorite VR enabled mobile browser has just received a new update. The update sports the 1.2.3 version number and it focuses on enhancing the quality of the picture that Firefox Reality Browser offers. “Experience sharp text, high quality videos, and a seamless transition from 2D to 3D immersive modes,” said the developers of the VR enabled browser in the patch notes for the new update.

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