How To Fix Payment Issues On Google Play

payment issues on Google Play

Have you tried buying something on Google Play and the payment won’t process or is declined? There are several things you can do to fix the payment issues on Google Play from your computer.

Fix payment issues on Google Play

Try a different payment method

  • Go to the item you want to buy and click price
  • Click the down arrow next to the payment method
  • Select a different payment method (you can add a new one if you like) and follow the steps to complete your purchase

Check credit and debit card for errors

If your debit or credit card may be having issues, it may manifest in errors such as “unable to complete transaction, please use another form of payment”, “unable to complete transaction: expired card”, or correct this card info or try another card”.

Other error messages you can get include “unable to process payment: low card balance” or “your transaction cannot be completed”. To resolve such errors, do this:

  • Update your card information in Google Pay
  • Update or remove expired credit or debit cards. You can sign in to Google Pay with your Google account, find the payment method you’re trying to use, and check expiry dates for the listed ones. Remove or update any that have expired
  • Update your zip code if your card is registered to a different address as this may cause payment issues like declines. In the same way, sign in to¬†Google Pay with your Google account, find the payment method you’re trying to use, and click Edit. Check the zip code that it matches the address on your card, and update if necessary

Try the purchase again after checking the above updates.

Submit requested information to resolve payment issues on Google Play

If you get any of the errors described above, check for any instructions it may have come with and submit the extra information required. Without this information, the transaction on your account may not be processed.

Check if you have enough funds

Insufficient funds may cause your transaction to be declined so check that you have enough funds to complete it.

Contact the bank or card issuer

A transaction may be declined if your card has specific restrictions on it, so you need to check with your bank or card issuer and they’ll let you know why it has been declined.

Did any of these tips help resolve the payment issues on Google Play? Let us know in a comment below.

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