Nvidia Might Launch A New ‘SUPER’ Graphic Cards Series

Nvidia has recently unveiled a puzzling teaser of something called ‘SUPER.’ According to the latest rumors, the company is presenting a full lineup of graphics cards under the SUPER sequence.

The rumors have been surfacing thanks to Chinese Weibo forum, where a user posted a list of the reported features of the Nvidia’s SUPER graphics cards. Although the integrity of these leaks is highly improbable, we still examined them. Nvidia has made a name for itself as it has the custom to spread leaks to get as much attention as possible around their hardware.

The three Graphics cards are dubbed the same, except for the word ‘SUPER,’ which comes with every name, making them an entirely new lineup. As said in the rumor, only RTX 2080, RTX 2070, and RTX 2060 are prone to get the SUPER handling for now. These Graphics cards will get a feature boost, but the price tag will probably be the same as the regular Graphics cards.

We highly doubt this, but this is what the rumor states. The most major price drop will concern the RTX 2080, and the most critical spec boost will be handed to the RTX 2060.

Nvidia Might Launch A New ‘SUPER’ Graphic Cards Series


The top tier RTX 2080 SUPER will sport the complete TU104 GPU, which means the CUDE cores will be somewhat enhanced to 3072. The VRAM, though, remains the same at 8GB GDDR6 memory going to 16 Gbps with a 256-bit bus, and it will wear the price tag of $699. The earlier version of RTX 2080 will have the price dropped at about $100.


The features of the RTX 2070 SUPER are mainly in line with the rumored RTX 2070T0 graphics card. The probability that Nvidia could be removing their ‘ti’ cards for the ‘SUPER’ cards exists. The RTX 2070 SUPER will also have TU 104 GPU, but it will utilize substantially fewer SMs. The CUDA core is 2560, and the WRAM specs stay the same.


The RTX 2060 SUPER will get the most critical specifications enhancement. The most significant upgrade is the brand new GPU in the form of TU 106. The optimization will not only grow the CUDA core count to 2017 cores, but it will also increase the memory bandwidth. Nvidia will develop an 8GB GDDR6 module with a 256-bit interface.


In conclusion, it is still early to put the finger on the credibility of this rumor. If the company is going to launch these graphics cards, it will present us with an Nvidia SUPER event. There is no confirmation of such event taking place in June yet, but more details will be revealed in the following weeks.

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