Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play App

Download Pending

The Download Pending error usually shows up when you’re trying to install an app from Google Play Store. It can be frustrating especially when you really needed the app for something urgent. In such circumstances, the first thought may be you probably don’t have enough mobile data or a strong internet connection.

However, the issue is usually found where users are on public WiFi, using traveler SIM cards and roaming networks in different countries.

While there’s no recommendation about using a carrier network or strong WiFi connection to download apps from Play Store, the error can be resolved using a few fixes as described below.

How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play App

Stop pending installations and automatic updates

Google prioritizes background updates and installations compared to recent downloads which is why the download pending error occurs in the Play Store. If you want to allow the download, you need to stop previous processes like pending installations and auto-updates so that you can install your app again. To do this:

  • Open Play Store and click the hamburger menu
  • Select My apps and games and stop any pending installations or auto-updates (be selective on the apps that need automatic updates

Clear storage

If you cleared pending installations and auto-updates and that didn’t help resolve download pending error, check Play Store version or device issues. When there’s not enough memory or space, downloading of apps may be interfered with.

Open Settings>Battery and Storage and check the storage issues, or clear cache from App Info. Delete excess bloatware or apps that may cause the device to act strangely, or force-stop Play Store and relaunch it.

SD cards are another culprit of download pending issues when they’re not properly set. Remove the card and reinstall it, but if its corrupt, stop using it.

Enable Background Data usage

Google Play Store apps may not be set to have restricted background access on your Android device, but this doesn’t always mean the downloads won’t continue. In some cases, it may cause downloads to remain pending, but you can resolve it by doing this:

  • Open Settings>Data usage>Data Saver
  • Tap Unrestricted data and tap the slider next to Google Play Store to switch it on

Bypass the error by using phone browser

You can bypass the download pending error by avoiding the Play Store app and using the Play Store website from your browser on your device. Log in with your Google account to access the web version of Play Store, and then select your device model. Check if it goes away.

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