Google Stadia Release Date, Pricing, And New Games To e Confirmed On June 6th

Google has announced that on Thursday, June 6th, at 12 PM ET, will confirm the Google Stadia release date, pricing, and new games lineup for the most sought-after cloud gaming service. All the announcements will come through Google Stadia Connect on YouTube. Google has posted on Twitter the decision of the video presentation in which the company says that some news can’t wait so long until E3, so they are inviting people on June 6/6 at 9 AM PT to find out more about Google Stadia.

What is Google Stadia cloud gaming service?

Google says that the future of gaming will be closer and closer with their new game streaming platform called Google Stadia. The first announcement about Stadia was made in March at the 2019 Developers Conference (GDS) in San Francisco, California. The CEO’s company said that Google Stadia would open a new world for everyone to enjoy a game platform and a much easier way of playing games.

Also, the Google Stadia cloud gaming service is open even for developers by using Google’s Cloud infrastructure. The exciting feature of Google Stadia is that you can watch a trailer for a game, and then you can jump straight into it by pressing a button. The company’s purpose was that everyone could use their platform without being tied up to a console. The platform will work if you have a Google Chrome browser installed on your device.

Google Stadia details to be revealed on June 6th

Regarding the latest Google Stadia news, from the YouTube video presentation, you will find out what Stadia Connect is offering us news, events, new games, and even bonus features. We also think that the company is holding multiple Stadia Connect streams even after of before the launch in fact of Google Stadia.

Finally, we know that Google Stadia will be released in Canada, parts of Europe, then the U.S. and the U.K, but no mentioned of the price has been said or the exact date of launching. The few games confirmed by Google are Doom Eternal from Bethesda, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from Ubisoft. However, on June 6th, some other new games might be announced for Google Stadia cloud gaming service.

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