Death Stranding Details Surfaced, Revealing More About The Upcoming Game

Death Stranding has been shrouded in mystery since the title was first announced. The game is developed by Kojima Productions, a reformed video games studio led by the legendary director Hideo Kojima. While he is best known for the Metal Gear series, Kojima enjoys a large amount of prestige among the gaming community, and many PlayStation owners are looking forward to the release of the title.

In recent days, some details about the game have started to appear. Read below to learn more about the features and mechanics of the title.

Death Stranding Details Surfaced – What We Know About The Upcoming Game

Death Stranding gameplay elements

A few details about the gameplay were shared with the help of a live stream. It seems that the game will feature vehicles. The protagonist rides on a bike, and a gang of enemies arrives in a large vehicle. Melee combat is also present, and Sam can use a briefcase as a weapon.

A complex environment appears to be present, with snows and forests being visible in some moments. Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed what appears to be a desert. Since the game is developed with a console in mind, players will use a radial menu to select a wide assortment of actions, including the ability to climb on a rope or use a ladder. A pulse-like ability will allow players to scan the world and check of enemies are near them.

Asynchronous multiplayer in Death Stranding

Players will have the chance to help other players indirectly. They can leave supplies and provide shelters. Other players may follow your footsteps as they attempt to return to civilization.

If the players lose their life during a fight, they will find themselves in an inverted world. Using their wits, they can find their way back to life. In some cases, violence may not be the best solution to a conflict, and a peaceful approach could be better.

Death Stranding will be an immersive experience

Explore a beautiful world rendered in incredible detail with the help of the Decima graphics engine. Death Stranding will be released on November 8th, 2019.

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