Latest iPhone and iPad Jailbreak Tools

During this month, two jailbreak teams have released expected updates on their iPhone and iPad jailbreak instruments. The tools and updates are still restricted in range, and they do not function on Apple’s devices featuring the iOS versions 12.2 and 12.3.

Say the least, for these two versions of iOS, a fully functioning jailbreak is still not developed.

Even so, jailbreak users are thankful for the tools the developing groups are providing at the moment. This goes particularly for the unc0ver team, which has released the most recent instrument to jailbreak iPhones and iPads running on iOS versions 11.0 up to 12.1.2.

The hacking team said that the update improves the steadiness considerably also the performance of the overall system, solves glitches in the jailbreak app and makes it more user-friendly.

In addition, the team stated that in comparison to the 3.0.1 version of jailbreak, the 3.1 version is better to use because it has enhanced steadiness when it comes to general performance.

@Pwn20wnd, the team’s leader explained that the 3.1 version has support for shifting to other iOS 12 jailbreaks without losing your data.

To keep up with unc0ver, the Electra Team released the next version of Chimera, namely the 1.0.7 variant. The tool is said to jailbreak iOS 12.0 up to version 12.1.3, and it was mainly created to make the jailbreaking process faster.

As resulted in a test made by, the Chimera 1.0.7 indeed cut the processing time from 12 to 4 seconds. However, it should be remembered that the proved jailbreak enhancement does not work on all iPhones and iPads. The speed is significantly slower when it comes to older iOS devices. The report also states that using the latest Chimera version is not quite imperative as it does not come with critical bug fixes.

Neither one of these two jailbreaking apps does not function further the iOS 12.1.2, even though unc0ver has some leverage for managing the iOS 11.0.

Security researcher Dany Lisianky said that iOS 12 comes with weaknesses that independent developers can exploit. Lisiansky has discovered vulnerabilities in iOS 12.2 that Apple ultimately fixed but there are specific gaps that could help in developing jailbreak solutions.

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