Samsung Galaxy S10 Software Update Causes Crashes – Samsung Suspends The Update

Samsung Galaxy S10 was one of the most awaited devices in the world, and its release did not disappoint. It’s highly performant and, despite its high price, Galaxy S10 is worth every cent. However, no matter how powerful a smartphone is, it’s nothing without the software it runs.

Android recently released the latest OS update, and Galaxy S10 users were eager to try it out. Unfortunately, some of them encountered some issues after installing the new Android version. Some users reported their device randomly freezing, and the only way to fix it is to restart the device or, in some cases, even force reboot the phone altogether.

The latest Android update was released by Samsung a few days ago. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 software update brings exciting camera enhancements and, of course, the May 2019 security patch. Given the nature of the upgrade, installing it is definitely a must. Or is it? Some sources advice Samsung users to postpone installing the latest Android version as much as they can, as Samsung is working on fixing the annoying issues that caused many complaints.

Samsung suspends the Galaxy S10 software update

SamMobile reported that Galaxy S10 devices could freeze when using some of the most popular apps, like Twitter. It’s evident that the apps themselves are not the cause of the problem, as everything works perfectly fine on other devices that don’t run the latest Android version. It seems that the new software is triggering forced restarts.

According to users’ comments on the XDA-Developers forum, there are multiple types of freezes. Some reported that, while long pressing the power button, unresponsive buttons will appear on the screen, then the device restarts by itself. Other complaints claim that, when pressing the power button, the screen turns off, but the phone does not actually lock. Even the fingerprint sensor is facing some difficulties, as it reportedly might function slower, or it might also not function at all.

Right now, no fix has been released for these issues. Not even restoring your device to factory settings helps. Samsung needs to find a solution for the bugs that cause the freezes, as many users are affected by this issue. In the meantime, the Korean tech giant suspends the newest Samsung Galaxy S10 software update.

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