iPhone Won’t Turn Off – Get All The Fixes Here

iPhone won't turn off

There are several reasons why an iPhone won’t turn off such as a broken screen, software problems that cause it to freeze, or even the battery.

While all these are valid concerns, an iPhone that won’t turn off or is stuck is a kind of rare occurrence, but you can get it fixed using some solutions we’ve given below.

FIX: iPhone Won’t Turn Off

Perform a hard reset

This is another simple way of shutting down your iPhone, similar to the standard method, but it resets the device and memory without you losing any of your data. Use it only if your iPhone won’t restart by other means.

To do this:

  • Hold down Home button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously (or Sleep/Wake and Volume Down for iPhone 7)

iPhone won't turn off

  • The power off slider will appear, but keep holding down both buttons
  • For iPhone 8 or newer models, press the Volume Up button and release it quickly, and do the same with the Volume Down button. Now press and hold the Sleep/Wake or Side button. The screen will go black.
  • When the Apple logo is displayed, release the buttons to restart the iPhone normally

Once it restarts, everything else should work, including powering the iPhone off.

Enable Turn Off iPhone Via Software and AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch puts a software version of Home button on the iPhone screen, and is built for special needs persons though many users like it for its cool features. To do this:

  • Tap Settings>General
  • Now tap Accessibility
  • Tap AssistiveTouch under Interaction
  • Move the switch to green or on. This will display a new icon on the iPhone screen, and that’s the Home button
  • Tap the Home button and tap Device
  • Now tap and hold Lock Screen
  • When the power off slider appears, move it to the right to turn off the iPhone

Use backup to restore the iPhone

This takes all your data and settings, deletes, and reinstalls to refresh your iPhone, especially if the above two methods didn’t work. To do this:

  • Connect your iPhone to PC or Mac that you usually sync with
  • Open iTunes
  • Click iPhone icon
  • Click Back up now in the Backups section
  • Click Restore backup and follow the prompts

Your iPhone should restart normally so disconnect from iTunes and try to turn it off again.

If all else fails, visit the Apple experts to help you if your iPhone won’t turn off.

Image credit: Apple

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