Total War: Three Kingdoms New DLC Plans and Mod Tools Available

Creative Assembly has revealed new plans for Total War: Three Kingdoms such as the new type of DLC pack and the new Assembly Kit. James High from Creative Assembly says that they have thought to approach the DLC idea differently for Total War: Three Kingdoms. They are going to use the opportunities the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is given, and the preference of players has for large DLCs in general for making it a new different game.

What Is Happening in TW3K?

We will have the chapter packs that are focusing on exploring the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and new start position will be added, latest events and heroes as well. Also, we will see the returning of new characters from the primary campaign and new playable factions and new mechanics will be expected. This new chapter pack will have the size between campaign packs and culture packs, and it will be played on the large map of China.

However, you will have the possibility to try different historical bookmarks, with various scenarios and obstacles, and you will see the changes regarding the characters. Some of them will be older, or little younger and even new heroes will be presented. Creative Assembly has bigger plans than what we’ve talked about by now. A new Assembly kit for TW3K will be released after the launch of the game, and it will bring Mod Tools. These new mods will be added after the game will be launched, and now they are in beta testing, so we are hoping that the players will have something to play with.

Finally, maybe the developers will change the colors of the map campaign, and we will not see only browns and greys. Be ready because, in two days, Total War: Three Kingdoms will launch so you can start your pre-loading beginning from now.

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