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Some Apple users have recently complained about not being able to download, install, or update apps from the App Store.

While this may be a common problem, sometimes the causes could be related to downtime or outage, or issues with the device itself.

Other times, apps get stuck, or they just won’t load to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or even get interrupted while they download.

If you see a message about billing or payment, you can resolve it by adding a new payment method, or updating your current method’s billing information. This way, your unpaid balance will be charged, and you’ll then be able to update your apps (including free ones) and make other purchases.

However, if the issue isn’t with billing, here are some fixes you can try.

What to Do When App Store Apps Won’t Download, Install, or Update

Connect to WiFi

If you’re on WiFi or mobile (cellular) data, and you have issues with App Store apps, try and connect to a different WiFi network, or use cellular data only for apps of up to 150MB.

Try and stream a video to check your WiFi connection and see if it loads quickly, and if the issue persists, check with your ISP for more assistance.

Pause and restart download

App Store

For users of iPhone 6s or later, you can press the app firmly from the Home screen and check for options like Resume  Download, Cancel Download, or Pause Download.

If the app download has been paused, tap on Resume Download. If the download or app is stuck, tap on Pause Download and press the app firmly again, and then tap Resume Download.

You can open App Store and tap on Updates to view all downloads in progress, or all the apps that need updating.

Restart the device

App Store

If you see the app on your Home screen but it has white lines on it or it is dim, don’t delete it. Just restart your device, go to App store, and download the app all over again. Deleting the app may erase all the content associated with it.

Check Apple for Status updates

Sometimes you may not be able to download, install or update apps from App Store owing to downtime or outages. Check Apple status updates and if that’s the issue, wait it out and it should be fine soon.

Contact Apple support if you still require further assistance.

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