WhatsApp Tips and Tricks – How To Remove Duplicate Media?

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the era of the smartphone, and no limitation of traffic data and connections, everything can be shared and sent. Everywhere you go, you have an Internet connection via your data network or Wi-Fi network, from home, bars, cafes, or your office. So the sharing of media files through the chat app has received a boost, especially WhatsApp. But all the media files that you send or receive through the WhatsApp app has to be stored somewhere. And that somewhere is on your phone, and at the moment in time, it will start to occupy your storage. You will receive a message that says, “Low Space.”

Of course, you will say that is not a problem, because you can transfer the critical data on your PC or external storage, or maybe on your cloud account – problem solved! Not really! You are missing all the invisible junk that cannot be cleared like that. The junk is accumulating on your device after continuous usage, and cache and duplicate files are occupying your storage. The annoying problem is with the duplicate media from your phone. The default functionality you have for cleaning this mess doesn’t work so easy. So, what can we do instead? We will give you some cleaner applications for WhatsApp that will help you do an easy job. Follow our steps from below.

Cleaning and Optimizing WhatsApp Files? Yes!

For cleaning your duplicate media files from your storage and the additional data, we are giving you three solutions. Choose one of them, and they will do the job, your phone will be organized and cleaned.

  1. WhatsApp Cleaner – WhatsApp Cleaner is the most suitable app for you. It’s easy to download and install, and it will do the job by itself, without much effort from your part. Take note that WhatsApp Cleaner is developed especially for WhatsApp users, so the app was designed to take into consideration the requirements of users. If you want the WhatsApp media storage organized, clean, and some space, download WhatsApp Cleaner and follow our steps.

The latest version of WhatsApp Cleaner is for Android, and you have the four version of the app: WhatsApp; WhatsApp+; GBWhatsApp; OGWhatsApp.

  1. Download and install WhatsApp Cleaner with the latest version needed.
  2. After the installation process is completed, go to your Home screen and tap on the Cleaner app. Open it and allow all the permissions necessary for the junk cleaning.
  3. After the app scans your media, a window will appear with your images, videos, notes, and other files that were sent and received through WhatsApp.
  4. Select the files type you want to delete (photo, video, document). Move to the Duplicate tab and then click on the Delete button from the right bottom corner. Press Confirm if you are sure and the process is done.

This is the method offered by WhatsApp Cleaner. You can delete the duplicate media and clear the junk files from your storage. Now you have some space and an organized WhatsApp account.

  1. Clean WhatsApp Cache – the cache files needs to be cleaned periodically. For avoiding wastage of memory on your phone, and using WhatsApp without consuming a valuable memory space of your device, the cache must be removed. When the memory space is full, the Android starts to run slowly, and one of the natural solutions for preventing or resolving this problem is to delete the WhatsApp cache. After that, you will observe that your phone is running faster than ever. How can you do this trick?
  2. This solution is done by only using your phone settings, no need for external applications. So go to Settings – Applications – find WhatsApp and click on it.
  3. Click on Storage – Cache button.
  4. Attention! Do not click on the Clear Data button because all your WhatsApp conversations and settings will be deleted.
  5. Advanced Cleaning of Cache from WhatsApp – this solution is more advanced for cleaning the cache data, but is available for WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp versions.
  6. Open your GB/OG/ Plus WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  7. Click on Clean WhatsApp Files.
  8. The last step is to delete all the cache type from the menu.

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