Sony Announced A New Limited-edition PlayStation 4 Version For “Days of Play”

Sony is preparing for an upcoming event, and a special, limited-edition PlayStation 4 version will be released to mark the moment. The ‘’Days of Play’’ model was announced by Sony during the State of Play event.

Limited-edition PlayStation 4 version would launch at Days of Play

The iconic Triangle, Circle, X, and Square are positioned on the top of the console. A beautiful steel-grey finish look is accompanied by a matching DualShock 4 controller. The console features 1 TB of built-in storage space and retains the dimensions of the slim model. A retail price hasn’t been announced at this point, but some sources claim that the price tag will be near $300.

A similar limited-edition Days of Play PS4 system was released in 2018. That version sported a beautiful blue color, and the several iconic symbols were highlighted with golden paint. The system came with a 1 TB hard drive in the US and Canada and a matching blue controller. In Europe and Asia, the device sported a smaller 500 GB hard dis, but two controllers were included.

PlayStation 4 is by far the best current-gen console

The PlayStation 4 is without a doubt the most popular console of the current generation. The system was released by Sony in November 2018, and more than 96 million were sold by March 2019. Upon launch, the gaming system was well-received by critics, developers, and gamers. Many developers praised the fact that the console didn’t use a custom processor ( unlike the PS3), a decision which favored the development of games and ports.

The power difference between the PS4 and Xbox One was a big selling point for the former, and it was highlighted as a boon by a large part of the console community. Critics awarded several awards to the system, which became a quick hit on the market. The only downside is the lack of backward-compatibility a flaw that will be addressed by the next PlayStation console.

The Days of Play event is scheduled to take place at a later date in the summer, and it will be accompanied by massive PlayStation Store discounts.

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