Latest Pokemon Go New Moves On The List

Recent leaks are saying that Pokemon Go has a lot of new addition on the horizon. Since its release back in 2016, the game has evolved and has grown with a rate that wasn’t imagined at the launching. Now data-miners have discovered in Pokemon Go, a big list of moves and abilities for the game. An interesting fact is that we are talking about a record that was in a dormant state before the mobile update. Also, all of the moves on the list were added over time.

What Moves Are on the List?

  • Blaze Kick – Fire;
  • Muddy Water – Water;
  • Razor Shell – Water;
  • Crabhammer – Water;
  • Octazooka – Water;
  • Super Power – Fighting;
  • Drain Punch – Fighting;
  • Leech Life – Bug;
  • Lunge – Bug;
  • Fell Stinger – Bug;
  • Shadow Bone – Ghost;
  • Mirror Shot – Steel;
  • Earth Power – Ground;
  • Skull Bash – Normal;
  • Crush Claw – Normal.

So, seeing the list of moves, we are not sure what’s with them by now. Maybe they are unused moves or remnants of them? Perhaps they will be used at a later date or not? Maybe it’s just a new list of critter in the game added for the Trainers to add fewer Mons in the game and on their team.

However, Trainers will have to do a lot of hard work this year to stay on top of everything. Why’s that? Because this summer will come with Detective Pikachu from Nintendo and Game Freak. In November we will have Pokemon Sword, and Shield will mark the debut of the game on home consoles. Also, some rumors are saying that the developer wants to introduce a particular version of Mewtwo into the game. If that is true, the man-made ‘Mon will be part of a significant gameplay update. Until then, users can enjoy the new, unused moves and abilities from Pokemon GO to see what they could do with it and how their experience will seem.

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