Is iPhone XR2 Worth Our Money and Attention?

When the first talks were about iPhone XR, everyone had something negative to say about the device. Apple’s iPhone XR ha come with some compromises regarding the camera and the display. But after the device has been launched, tested and used by people, the opinion changed. Many people have called after some time the perfect phone, mainly because of the price of an iPhone model. Even Forbes called it the best iPhone. An incredible journey to say at least. But when another product is expected to hit the market, leaks and rumors are starting to fill the Internet, so what do we know about the iPhone XR2?

Leaks and Rumors

We have some information and details about the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max, but still, we don’t know if this will be their final name. Even if we know something about the iPhone XI/XI Max design, we shouldn’t leave behind the new successor to the iPhone XR, the new iPhone XR2. Japanese leaker Macotakara has revealed a lot of the details regarding the new iPhone XR2. Don’t you worry, this source is reliable, and it’s not the first time when we receive insights from them. Most of the rumors regarding Apple have come from that direction, starting with the iPhone 7 launch.

However, the reports about the iPhone XR 2 are showing that the device will be announced in a couple of months. The iPhone will have a dual camera setup on the rear and telephoto lens, fast charging support with 18-watt charger.  The camera setup is similar to the one from the iPhone X and iPhone XS/XS Max.

Finally, the iPhone XR prices had dropped so if you want to get your hands on the device, check it out. If not, you can wait for its successor, the iPhone XR2, which will come at a favorable price because of the dual camera setup.

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