iPhone SE 2 Release Date Rumors – What We Know So Far?

The rumors about new devices are all over the place on the Internet, so are the suggestions regarding the new iPhone SE 2 from Apple. In 2016, Apple announced the iPhone SE which had been received well by users because of its iPhone 5 forms and the competitive price. After everyone has settled with the new SE, rumors have started once again about the future iPhone SE 2.

What Are the Rumors Saying about the iPhone SE 2?

If we are going to trust the rumors, then we could see the new iPhone SE 2 launched in 2020, and this time, the device will come with a form factor similar to the iPhone 8. We also have details about the new device, such as an Apple pack design A13 chipset, a 4.7 inches display, and of course, ample storage – 128 GB. The details about the price are available too; we are talking about an Apple device that will cost up to $650. If this will be the price for the new iPhone SE 2, we don’t know how many buyers the new model will have, because the iPhone SE was one of the most preferred devices thanks to its agreeable price tag, especially in India.

However, we are expecting Apple to release up to three new iPhones models this year that will represent the successors of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The two models, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will come with OLED displays just like their successors, but they will have three rear shooters instead. The three rear shooters are an ultra-wide lens, a telephoto lens, and a standard lens. Also, GSMArena is saying that the successor of the iPhone XR will come instead with an LCD and dual cameras on the back. We are taking the rumors with a grain of salt, but if they are right, we could see the new iPhone SE 2 launched in March 2020.

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