Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – Everything We Would Like To See

Microsoft released the first Surface Laptop almost two years ago. Time really flies, as fans are already thinking about the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. We all want to know what’s next and we even have a couple of wishes of our own.

What Would We Like To See on Surface Laptop 3?

There are a couple of things we hope to see. The Surface Laptop 2 came with numerous improvements, but we would love to see even more enhancements. For instance, a processor update would be a great thing. The Surface Laptop 2 comes with the quad-core 8th-generation Kaby Lake Refresh processors, which are better than the ones of the previous laptops. However, we would like to see even more power in the future.

More than that, it would be great to see Thunderbolt 3 technology. There are plenty of reasons why Microsoft should include it, and it should really modernize the laptop line. We would also enjoy a couple of design enhancements. We didn’t have any since the Surface Laptop 2 kept mostly the same design. The only change was the new black color option that was added.

Many users would like a slimmer Surface Laptop, and we already know that Microsoft could do it. A thinner Type Cover was already patented so maybe we could see a thinner laptop in the future. This would be a step forward, as most users prefer slim devices, which can be easily carried around.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Release Date

We had just two Surface Laptop releases in the past so it is hard to notice a pattern when it comes to their release date. The first one was released in June 2017, while the second one came out in October 2018. Therefore, we can anticipate the third one this year, although we don’t have a set release date.

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