Android Studio 3.4 Available to Download with New Instruments and Improvements

After Version 3.3 was launched just months ago, the new version, 3.4 has been released in the stable channel, having many improvements and small but focused set of new features for developers to enjoy. Android Studio is the official development ambiance for designing Android applications.

Android 3.4 is finally live and ready to be downloaded after almost six months of development. This release is an extension of the so called “Project Marble”, a milestone really, of the Google’s Android Studio team effort that refers to the concerns in core features of the Android Studio. Besides the many performance improvements and bug fixes made in the Android Studio 3.4, other small sets of new settings were added which refers to the core developer workflows for application building and for resource management​

The principal new feature in Android Studio 3.4 is the Resource Manager, a new instrument to visualize the drawables, colors and layouts from all over your app project in a concentrated and organized way.

You will be able to drag and drop assets, to convert numerous SVG images to Vector Drawable files at the same time. The Layout Editor Properties Panel has also been updated, having all the options located in a single pane.

Import Intentions is another update. The option lets Android Studio automatically propose required import statements and/or libraries for the code you are typing.

Another change consists of a new Project Structure Dialog, an update to IntelliJ 2018.3.4, an instrument for clearing away unused code and resources from applications (R8). Android Q images in the emulator is the last change we are going to mention.

Android Studio 3.4 can be downloaded from Android Developers’ official page.

Besides the strong release of Android Studio 3.4, the developers published in-detail blogs on how they are inspecting and fixing a number of issues under the hand of Project Marble.

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