Latest Windows 10 Update Comes With Several Major Bugs – Here’s How To Tackle The Issues

Microsoft hoped that the revamped Windows Update feature introduced with Windows 10 would improve the lives of many users, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. A series of buggy updates plagued the OS, and it appears that a new one managed to elude the quality control tests used by the Redmond company.

Windows 10 update creates system slowdowns and crashes

After Microsoft released the April cumulative update, some users reported several issues which may be caused by a conflict between the update and antivirus software. Significant system slowdowns and freezes have been described. A comment on a popular forum platform notes that the update renders the owner’s computer unusable since the system will freeze after to boot sequence is completed.

The situation is quite odd since the update aimed to address lingering bugs found in the October 2018 update. It seems that the update also affects SSD, with select uses reporting that the startup period jumped from a few seconds to several minutes.

While most users tend to blame the KB4493509 update, it is likely that the problem could be associated with other updates which were released on the same day. Avast has issued a tech support document which mentions several upgrades that can cause potential problems.

How to fix the issues

The problem can be fixed easily by removing the faulty update. To do this follow the steps mentioned next. On Windows 10, go to Settings -> Windows Update -> View update history and look after KB4493509. Uninstall the update, and the problem should be solved.

Recent reports suggest that Windows 7 users are facing the same issues. To fix it on Windows 7, go to Control Panel -> Windows Update -> Show update history and remove KB4493472 and KB4493448. Then, reboot your system. The issue should disappear.

Some sources claim that third-party antivirus solutions could cause the problem as they seem to be affected by the mechanisms used by Windows to tackle specific tasks. If you use a third-party antivirus solution and wish to keep the update you have the option to remove the program instead.

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