Google Pixel 4 Mini – New Ultra-Compact Model Is Fantastic

For the last few years in the smartphone market, all the devices had become bigger and bigger, so the rumor of a mini smartphone was incredible. The rumor came directly from the giant Google, with its Pixel phone. Everywhere you look, you will see two sizes at all the smartphones: big and huge. For those with small hands or those who don’t need a big device, the offer is low.

What Do We Know So Far?

Google has announced that three different sizes could come for Pixel 4. That means we will have an ultra-compact model, named Pixel 4a, and a size of 5 inches. This will fit comfortably in everyone’s hands. Also, the model will not only have a little screen but lower specifications too. We know that the Pixel 4a will come with a less impressive camera, but the chipset and memory will be the same.  Also, if you want to see the image of the new Pixel 4a Mini, you will have to wait, because Google hadn’t posted anything but a joke photo on their Instagram account.

However, if we think that Google is working for real at a smaller Pixel model, for sure, this will come cheaper than the others. This will be a smart move for Google regarding the mid-range Android devices.  Because the potential for high-quality devices exists, and for sure they will be bought much rapidly than imagined.  Of course, if the mini phones can be optimized for Android that has enough requirements, and that’s precisely the plus-size displays. A mini display can also make touch screen navigation difficult.

To sum up, what we know at this time is not enough to satisfy our curiosity, but on October 9, Google will reveal its new products. Until then we will have our share of leaks about the Google Pixel 4.

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