WhatsApp 2.19.104 Beta Update Improves Software Stability

Facebook’s family of apps which includes WhatsApp went down for a total of two hours today. Considering the fact that Facebook’s apps are being used by billions of people from all over the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Facebook’s developers moved fast to fix the issue which caused the apps crash. With that said, WhatsApp fans should be happy to know that the chatting app has just received a new update that improves its overall software stability.

WhatsApp 2.19.104 Beta Update

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp went down for two hours earlier today and the developers who are in charge of the app were required to quickly release a new update to fix all issues. Therefore, a new update for WhatsApp has recently arrived and it sports the 2.19.104 version number. On the downside of things, this update is not available to everyone and only users who are enrolled in the beta program can download it right now.

The Beta Program

WhatsApp fans who want to be the first ones to get their hands on all new updates that the developers of the chatting app release should consider enrolling in the beta program. There’s no faster way of getting access to new features, bug fixes and software improvements other than being a beta tester. To make things even better, enrolling the beta program doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

Improved Stability

The new 2.19,104 Beta update for WhatsApp comes with a bunch of software improvements that are aimed at taking the performances of the chatting app top the next level. Not just that, but the software improvements are also enhancing the chatting app’s overall stability, thus making sure that WhatsApp doesn’t randomly crash just like it did earlier today.

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