iPad Pro Just Received The First Compatible Logitech Keyboard – Slim Folio Pro

The first Logitech keyboard for the iPad Pro was recently released, as Logitech announced. The device is known as the Slim Folio Pro. Compared to the first-party Smart Keyboard Folio that has been rolled out by Apple alongside its new tablet last year, the new keyboard is a backlit alternative.

The model from Logitech features a row that is dedicated to iOS shortcut keys and to keep the second generation Apple Pencil it has a built-in strap at the same time with being magnetically attached and charging from the iPad Pro.

The Slim Folio Pro connects over Bluetooth LE, compared to the first-party keyboard from Apple that would use the Smart Connector of the iPad. With that being said, the keyboard would need to be charged separately, even though you can technically use a USB-C cable to charge it directly from the tablet.

New Logitech keyboard for iPad Pro, Slim Folio Pro, comes with some exciting features

In comparison with the previous model of the Slim Folio, the new Logitech keyboard for iPad Pro should last, on a single charge, about three months compared to the total of four-year battery lifespan of its predecessor, thanks to a replaceable coin battery, there being an assumption of two hours of use a day.

The keyboard from Logitech also has a feature of a row of iOS shortcut keys that allows the user to control the volume, screen brightness and media playback of the tablet. When you slide the keyboard into typing mode, it will automatically turn on and connect to your iPad, and if you would instead be sketching it can be folded behind the tablet.

In contrary to the keyboard from Apple for iPad Pro, which can be used at two angles, the model from Logitech only seems to a single angle while you are typing, but that is not too big of a deal.

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