OnePlus 7 Gets Leaked Once Again

OnePlus 7 is one of 2019’s most highly anticipated smartphones and therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the leaksters are seeing a big “target” on the smartphone’s back. Since OnePlus doesn’t want to reveal all the interesting details about the smartphone because it wants to keep the element of surprise for when the smartphone’s official launch date comes around, tech leakster are making it their top priority to find and publish all images of the upcoming smartphones.

Leaked Picture

With that said, a new leak of OnePlus 7 has surfaced on the web. This new leak is a press render of the smartphone and it shows off some of its most exciting design features including a full-screen display and a pop-out camera. We have placed the leaked press render up above so that everyone can admire OnePlus 7 in its full glory.

Full-Screen Display

The design feature that stands out the most is the full-screen display. While most tech manufacturers are relying on top-notch displays in terms of design, OnePlus 7 has decided to take things up a notch and equip its smartphone with a full-screen display. We have to admit that the smartphone looks amazing and the big display is surely going to make the video and image viewing experience on OnePlus 7 great.

Pop-Out Selfie Camera

The reason why OnePlus has been able to equip OnePlus 7 with a full-screen display is because the smartphone will ship with a pop-out selfie camera. This is an innovative design feature and it has been used by only two smartphones until now, which both come from China as well. We think it’s safe to say that the pop-out selfie camera is going to make OnePlus 7 stand out from the other flagship smartphones and this is definitely going to give OnePlus 7 an edge.

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