Fortnite Mobile Tips and Ticks – How to Become a Pro

Fortnite Mobile is one of the most popular games available for Android and iOS powered devices. What makes this game so popular is the fact that there is a steep learning curve and players need to spends lots of hours in game before they can finally get their first win. However, today we are going to share with everyone a handful of tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile that will transform everyone from noob to pro player in no time.

  1. Pick a Shooting Mode

Fortnite Mobile offers a couple of shooting modes that players can pick from. The default one is called auto-firing and as the mode’s name implies, the character will automatically start shooting whenever an enemy gets too close. However, some of you might not like the auto-firing mode. This why we advise all Fortnite Mobile players to check out the other shooting modes in order to find out which one fits their playstyle the most.

  1. Customize the Button Layout

Another cool tip when it comes to customizing the gameplay experience for Fortnite Mobile is to change the button layout. This can be done by selecting the HUD Layout Tool which can be found in the top right corner of the game’s home screen. Players are advised to move the buttons to make them easier to access.

  1. Bluetooth Controller

This last trick for Fortnite Mobile is going to give players a huge advantage over their enemies. Using a third-party Bluetooth controller is the best way to dominate in Fortnite Mobile. What’s great about using a Bluetooth controller is the fact that most players already used to them because they played Fortnite on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. We should note that the iOS version of Fortnite Mobile is limited to MFi controllers.

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