Twitter Works On A New “Subscribe To Conversation” Feature

Twitter is trying to keep up with the other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and it does an excellent job in that regard, thanks to its stability, at least in comparison with Facebook-owned social media platforms. Now, Twitter reportedly works on a new “subscribe to conversation” feature.

That new function would give users access to updates and notifications regarding a conversation they subscribed to, without having to like or comment on that specific thread. Twitter user and app specialist Jane M. Wong identified this new feature using data mining. That function would come in a moment when Twitter focuses on updating its social network’s GUI and under the hood features to become a more competitive social media.

The stability of Twitter has been recently proven when all the Facebook-owned social media platforms experienced intermittent interruptions a few days ago, that affecting Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp at the same time. Users turned to Twitter to keep up with the news.

Twitter Works On A New “Subscribe To Conversation” Feature

As Twitter is frequently updating its app lately, the social media platform also plans to add a new “subscribe to conversation feature. The new function would permit users to follow the updates in a thread that interests them without the need to like or comment to that specific conversation.

This new “subscribe to conversation” feature, along with the other significant changes Twitter implemented, hints that the social media’s owners plan to continue to change their platform to enhance the user experience. That applies to all the versions of Twitter, both mobile and web-based.

Up till now, Twitter tested new functions such as follow threads, hide replies, and several GUI modifications to make it look neat and more modern. All these changes suggest that Twitter wants to help users get involved in more conversations of this social network.

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