OnePlus 7 Could Feature Wireless Earbuds According to CEO

OnePlus 7 is scheduled to launch on May 8th but from the looks of it, we won’t have to wait until then in order to see the full list of specs and features that the smartphone has to offer. OnePlus 7 is one of the worst kept secrets in the smartphone industry with OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealing exciting details about the upcoming smartphone every other day.

The last time that CEO Pete Lau went on Weibo he announced that OnePlus 7 will not support wireless charging. However, the CEO is now revealing some good news since he addressed the issue of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Pete Lau posted on Weibo which is the Chinese version of Reddit that removing the headphone jack has made it possible for his company to start working on a wireless headphone experience.

OnePlus Earbuds

Pete Lau announced on Weibo that OnePlus has been working this past year on creating a “polished” wireless headphone experience which confirms to us that OnePlus is getting ready to announce a new product. From the looks of it, there is a high chance that OnePlus 7 will be bundled with a new pair of wireless Bullet earbuds. However, bundling the wireless earbuds with the flagship smartphone is going to make it more expensive.

OnePlus 7 Leaked Specs

Even though OnePlus 7’s launch date is a couple of months away, we already know what hardware specs the smartphone will have to offer thanks to recent leaks. Therefore, OnePlus 7 will ship with a 6.5-inches display that uses AMOLED technology.

The smartphone will also feature a triple camera-setup mounted on the rear side which feature 48MP, 20MP and 16MP lenses. Furthermore, OnePlus 7 is also equipped with a 16MP selfie shooter. Lastly, OnePlus 7’s CPU will be paired to a 4,000 mAh battery.

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