Google Game Controller Revealed In New Patent

Google might launch a game controller in the near future because there is a patent which was recently discovered. This patent has intimated the design specification of this possible Google game controller.

Even though nothing has been officially shared by the company, maybe during the Game Developers Conference 2019 later this month, an event at which Google will participate, we will hear more about it. The streaming service Google will provide will also be a topic during this event so that we will find out more about this company’s plans for the future.

The Verge talked more into detail about this topic. According to them, the patent itself seems to be for a controller notification system that signals when the player gets an invitation, a chat request, leaderboard changes, or even when a game becomes available. This copyright registration which was made last year in October, according to the filing, is a continuation of a prior filing lodged in 2014.

A Google game controller might come out soon

What is interesting about this copyright filing is that it does not show the design of the Google game controller and it does not talk about it in detail either. The only thing that it gives away is the fact that it is a notification system. If we take a look at the document, we will also see a handful of unbranded technical sketches of the potential appearance of the controller.

However, now, all across social media you will see some unofficial renders mocked up from those sketches are spreading.

Hopefully, during the Game Developers Conference 2019 later this month, on the 18th of March, an event which takes place in San Francisco, we will find out more about this Google game controller. Maybe Google will even address the rumors by denying or confirming them. We think everything will become clear in a few days.

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