Dragon Age 4 – Should We Start Worrying?

Given the fact that BioWare’s latest game, Anthem was quite a disappointment and did not deliver what was expected, fans have started worrying about the future of Dragon Age 4. The previous title of the Dragon Age franchise, Inquisition, was launched more than four years ago, and fans are impatiently waiting for the next installment.

Fans are worried about Dragon Age 4

The whole situation with Anthem has created a little bit of worry and panic amongst BioWare’s fans. Of course, just because the most recent game released by the developer didn’t meet fans’ expectations, it doesn’t mean that the studio is suddenly incapable of developing a great game.

After all, Anthem and Dragon Age are two completely different games. As a matter of fact, they are totally opposite genres and they are designed in very different ways.

However, fans cannot seem to stop from wondering how the next title of the Dragon Age series will be like, especially since the wait is so long. They just want to be sure that the follow-up to a beloved series will deliver what is expected.

A lot is expected from Dragon Age 4 – Do we have anything to worry about?

Fans are also thinking about what the role of Electronic Arts is in this whole story. Publishers have a huge responsibility when it comes to releasing new titles and they are supposed to be able to manage risk.

But fans worry that Dragon Age 4 may not be given enough time to be properly developed. They are anxious about the fact that a wrong decision may be made at some point in the future and the next title of Dragon Age could be released before it’s ready. Whether that will happen or not, it remains to be seen. Hopefully we will not have any disappointments when Dragon Age 4 gets released.

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