iOS 12 Jailbreak Tweak Lets Users Run Any App on CarPlay

CarBridge is a very popular jailbreak tweak that is extremely helpful for people who are already using the CarPlay system provided by Apple. This tweak was originally released for jailbroken iOS 11 devices and it has now added support for iOS 12 as well.

CarBridge for iOS 12 – what to expect from it

In case you already purchased CarBridge at the time of its release for iOS 11, then you can get the version for iOS 12 for free. If this is your first time when you want to use the tweak, then you will need to pay $4.99 for it.

CarBridge for iOS 12 can be used by those who already have a jailbroken iOS device. This new jailbreak tweak is able to remove some of Apple’s restrictions and it also supports CarPlay systems that have a touchscreen display.

What are the benefits of using CarBridge for iOS 12?

This tweak basically allows you to open any app you want from your iOS device, which you can also mirror on the CarPlay display.

According to what the CarBridge team has mentioned, this jailbreak tweak will allow you to launch two apps at once: one for your phone and the other one for your car. It’s also important to mention that users can swap just one app back and forth between their device and the car without closing the app.

The great thing about CarBridge is that it lets you bypass some restrictions that the main CarPlay apps have. This is what the team said, “CarBridge gives you the ability to hide any CarPlay icon you want. It’s your device and your car. It’s up to you to customize CarPlay however you want.”

Another thing that we would like to note is that even though every app is supported by CarBridge for iOS, some of them may not display normally. The reason behind this is the fact that not each app was designed to work in a car. For this kind of situations, the CarBridge team is offering a Portal app.

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