Foldable iPhone Is Not Coming Out This Year – Here’s Why!

Folding smartphones appear to be the next trend for smartphones. Numerous companies have already announced foldable devices. Despite the fact that Apple brought multiple innovations in the past, the company did not say anything about a foldable iPhone. Will there be a foldable iPhone?

Usually, Apple is the one who creates trends in the smartphone market. However, this time Samsung was the first one to reveal a foldable device, and other companies have already started developing theirs as well.

Nonetheless, the foldable screen might not be Apple’s kind of innovation. First of all, foldable devices don’t have a clear demand in the market. It is unknown whether users actually need this technology. Therefore, it would be wiser for Apple to wait and see how customers will receive the devices of the other phone manufacturers.

Foldable iPhone Is Not Coming Out This Year

In fact, other companies aren’t betting on foldable devices either. Samsung unveiled the foldable technology during the Galaxy Unpacked event, but it was not released as a flagship product.

Apple did talk about what’s next for their devices. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, mentioned during the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 that the company plans to focus on “smart devices.” More than that, there were also some hints about surprising iPhone smartphones. That means that the upcoming iPhone devices will bring revolutionary technology along with them. However, it is highly unlikely that Cook was talking about a foldable iPhone.

Finally, we must remind you that Apple doesn’t release more than two or three new iPhone phones each year. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to experiment with such risky technology when they can release just a limited number of phones. While Apple might offer a foldable iPhone in the future, 2019 isn’t the right moment for that.

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