Windows Lite Releasing This Year For Dual-Screen Systems or Foldable PCs

When people are wondering if Microsoft still doesn’t want to build a Windows 11, we learn about a new kind of Windows 10, also called Windows Lite or codenamed “Santorini” – we’ll get into details soon about the names. First, let’s check out how the new operating system will look, what will it be used for, and when it will be released.

Windows Lite for Dual Screens

According to Brad Sams from Petri, Microsoft has been working on a new Windows build in secret. However, this new build is not going to look like a regular Windows 10. It will be a lightweight version for devices that have two screens or foldable PCs. He also adds that the target for announcing this new build is this year, and it should be “a wild show.” That was his report from about three months ago.

Now, things developed for Windows Lite, and we now learned that the new OS could be launched this year if chip and PC makers are ready to use it.

Intel has already pushed OEMs to make the new category for hardware, and we should see more devices like the “Microsoft Courier concept, dual-screen laptops, or even foldable displays in the future. Either way, Microsoft wants Windows to be ready for PC makers to take advantage of it,” writes The Verge.

The Windows Lite interface should look like today’s Windows, but with a mix between the Windows Phone Continuum UI and the Surface Hub shell. Brad Sims’ mockup of the interface is accurate, according to the description of the Windows Lite interface, but there may be a few changes until it gets released.

We’ve mentioned the “Santorini” codename earlier, which is the name of the part of the shell work built by Microsoft to make the Windows Lite different than the regular OS.

Competing With Chromebooks

Microsoft could also release a dual-screen laptop that may or may not feature the new Windows Lite.

The Verge argues that while Windows Lite could initially be available for dual-screen devices, in the long run, it will compete with Chromebooks in delivering a basic Windows Lite and then build on top of it to add more features.

The Build conference at the beginning of May should be when we first hear about Windows Lite. Microsoft would surely want to reveal part of the OS for developers that want to build apps for dual-screen and any other devices that will be able to use Windows Lite.

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