iPhone 11 News: Two New and Exciting Features Got Leaked!

More and more rumors about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11 start popping up on the web as we get closer to September. In typical Apple fashion, the Cupertino based tech giant is not releasing any information about iPhone 11 before its official launch date and this leaves everyone to wonder about what kind of features and hardware specs the smartphone will have to offer. Fortunately for us and other Apple fans, the developer Max Weinbach has managed to get his hands on some important leaked information about iPhone 11.

Waterproof Display

The first thing that we want to mention is that Max Weinbach doesn’t have a stellar track record for predicting Apple’s every move. Therefore, we advise everyone to take the new leaks with the necessary grain of salt because they might not prove to be true.

Nonetheless, Max Weinbach reports that iPhone 11 will feature a fully waterproof display. This means that iPhone 11 users can swim with the device in their pocket without having to worry about damaging the internals. In addition, Max Weinbach said that the waterproof display will be able to read hand gestures even underwater. While this feature might sound like something cool, truth be told there won’t be that many iPhone users who will benefit from it.

Improved Taptic Engine

The second exciting feature that iPhone 11 is said to introduce is an improved Taptic Engine which features “directional precision”. The new Taptic Engine will let iPhone 11 users get vibration feedback directly from the display such as when tapping on a button from an app’s user interface.

iOS 13

The last thing that we want to mention about iPhone 11 is the fact that it will run on iOS 13 straight out of the box. iOS 13 is Apple’s new operating system and just like with iPhone 11, we don’t have that much information about it.

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